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No. 117 elements to be successfully synthesized and will be included in the periodic table

Author锛2012-07-11 Date锛2012-7-11 5:23:39
           According to Russian media reported on June 25, the Russian research team has once again successfully synthesized 117 elements, thus it clear the obstacles NO.117 element formally joined the periodic table.

        The headquarters is located in the outskirts of the Russian capital Moscow, Dubna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in 2010, the first successful synthesis of the 117 element. However, the International Centre for Theoretical and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)requirements of the Dubna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research synthesis of the elements again, after which they can formally approved it in the periodic table.

        Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, a senior official said, the research team has successfully completed the verification, and IUPAC officially submitted the application for registration of 117 elements; if successful, 117 element will be named within a year, and classified in the periodic table.

        It is reported that the Dubna Joint Institute for Nuclear Research use cyclotron. Make calcium 48 atoms with 20 protons and 28 neutrons bombardment berkelium 249 atoms  with 97 protons and 152 neutrons  ,generate atoms  six have117 proton ,among them 5 atoms have 176 neutrons, and the other atom has 177 neutrons.

        The 1869 advent of the Mendeleev periodic table is one of the basic law of the universe, naturally provides a scale precision ruler for human understanding. Of these, 92 elements after the element uranium, does not exist in nature, must be synthetic. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna had also successfully synthesized No. 113, 115, element 118. In addition, the Helmholtz Research Centers in Germany is committed to No. 119and No. 120 of element synthesis.