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Happy new year !

Author锛2012-01-01 Date锛2012-1-1 9:07:37

Dear friends:

Happy new year !

A New Year has come, in this beautiful day, thank DCE chemical each staff, are learning support DCE chemical every friend, each client. Thank you for your help, thanks :)

Wish you all in the New Year with a more smooth development and success.

A New Year, a DCE chemical continue to adhere to the own core technology and stable product quantity, quality. Access to greater market approval and market share.

We have pay attention to produce at the same time, will improve the new product development efforts, in the new product research technology to broaden the more broad field, guarantee in chemistry powerful technical leadership!

By the end of this year, our r&d lab has a 18 set of standard laboratory and we have five 50 L glass the reaction kettle and one 100 L  glass the reaction kettle. And the construction of a nissan 5 tons of chemical factory. Applied for various Types of chemical products production. All this exciting.

In the New Year for DCE chemical bring you more surprise and care!

We wish our pleasant cooperation in New Year, thank you very much!

God bless everyone, amen!

best regards