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China's chemical API export price drop 43%

Author锛2012-09-05 Date锛2012-9-5 0:28:55

According to Customs data show that in the first half of this year, 45.08% of the raw drug types are under the average export price of 10 U.S. dollars / kg, 31.97% of the raw material drug types are under the average export price of $ 5 / kg. The average export price fell to the share of 43.41%. Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce believes that overcapacity is undoubtedly the culprit.

In 2012, China's chemical raw facing the dual pressures of the market demand and production costs. Economic slowdown intensified challenges from emerging markets such as India, China chemical raw competitive advantage is weakened, at the same time, the price war and trade frictions crisis of overcapacity caused quite grim.

 Lead to make the enterprise lost the final price of the passive situation

1. Due to the low threshold in some areas, some API industry chasing profits, often using economies of scale, expand production capacity, reduce costs, which led to the production for a serious imbalance

2. The cost of raw materials, water and electricity coal transportation is still maintained at a high level, made the pharmaceutical production costs continue to rise

3. Fewer ways to develop new business, is also one of the reasons contributed to the company's survival space narrowing

4. The ability of our pharmaceutical products independent innovation is weak, international competitiveness is mainly by low-cost, caused the line killing each other

5. RMB exchange rate issue is still an important factor restricting the development of enterprises, the RMB appreciation continued to increase, made the low value-added exports of bulk pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates pressure keep increasing

"The industry is worried that in the next few years, China's raw materials Pharmaceutical will face enormous pressure from India." Disorderly competition, raw material drug companies in China bull export products irrelevant, big but not strong, dominant in the international mainstream market becoming more and weaker. And bulk drugs in China's major competitors in India, in terms of strength, employing aspects not as good as our country, but because of government support, the industry has developed rapidly in recent years, a great catch up with the trend of our country.

It is reported that India's poor to take advantage of the prices of domestic products for export (export price lower than the domestic product), the low-cost high quality bulk drugs imported from China, and then processed into downstream products to compete with China. At the same time, the role of the government of India to support the advantages Scatter with Chinese enterprises, on the technical level gradually seizes the international market.