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British company announced the successful R & D of air synthetic gasoline technology

Author锛12-11-06 Date锛2012-11-6 0:04:40

The AFS located in the north of England has announced an "Air Capture” technology, the technology will be able to synthetic gasoline by using only air and electricity. The AFS Company’s technology can eliminate carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and serve as the raw material of synthetic gasoline




Experts said, the revolutionary significance possibility of technology will become human against climate change and energy crisis in the turning point of the process, and even the possibility of starting a new energy revolution.







The AFS Engineering Conference held in

London, announced the new technology. Researchers first use of a series of chemical reactions to refined pure carbon dioxide and hydrogen from the air, and then use them to methanol synthesis, and then through the gasoline fuel reactor manufactured gasoline. By this technique synthetic gasoline can be added to a conventional tank for use. In addition, the advantage of this renewable energy generation will be able to achieve "completely carbon neutral.




The AFS Company has a small refinery in the region of North East England Tisa De, the technology successfully synthesized 5 liters of gasoline in less than three months time. In fact, the AFS company's air synthetic gasoline technology R & D projects have been carried out for two years, up to 1.1 million pounds (about RMB 11 million Yuan) in R & D funds are invested by a group of philanthropists, they think that synthetic renewable energy technologies can bring considerable benefits in the future.







Although the technology has not yet attracted the interest of mainstream oil companies, but the British Society of Mechanical Engineers (Mache) confidence in the prospect. Mache CEO Stephen • Tallow said this is a "real breakthrough" technology, may open up a new road to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the human society, in addition to the technology may also ease the origin of the global energy market long unrest.







Tim Fox of Mache energy and environment sector also believes the technology may be changing the rules of the entire energy industry already perilous climate change, even change the status quo.







AFS CEO Peter Harrison said he was very optimistic about the prospects for the development of the air synthetic gasoline. "Our product smells almost gasoline, but it is more pure, there is almost free of any impurities. While I demonstrate this technology works and significance, everyone thinks that this is a different technology; it can not only alleviate the increasingly serious energy crisis to a certain extent, and have a profound impact on climate change. "







AFS Company hopes to build a large factory product one ton of gasoline per day within two years, and in the next 15 years to operate it in accordance with the scale of the refinery.