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BIOAGRI launched new lab in China

Author锛2012-11-26 Date锛2012-12-12 21:07:32

BIOAGRI Laboratory Ltda, the leading contract research organization in Latin America expands its structure in China responsive to market trends. A new BIOAGRI lab which could offer very latest analytical testing records for agrochemicals is running in Shanghai now.

"BIOAGRI is committed with the Chinese market of reliability, safety, proximity, fast service and delivery of results. The core services of BIOAGRI Shanghai lab are 5 Batch prescreening in technical products and quality control service, which including analysis active ingredients in technical and formulated products and toxicologically relevant impurities in technical products," said Mr. Paulo M. Silva, CEO of BIOAGRI Shanghai lab.

1 5-batch prescreening in technical products

i) Saving time: Prescreening could be performed while the RET (Scial Temporary Registration) and import license is applied from Brazilian authority, which takes about 2-3 months.

ii) After prescreening in Shanghai, when it is possible to know the impurities higher than 0.1%. Sponsor can evaluate the suitability of his samples and decide to go on with the GLP 5 Batch or prepare new samples.

iii) Easy and cheap for sponsor to ship samples to BIOAGRI Shanghai lab, help sponsor saving the international freight.

2 Quality Control service

Could help sponsor control quality from batch to batch to ensure all the shipments are in accordance with the quality specification required by Brazil authority before shipping samples to Brazil.

"BIOAGRI Shanghai lab approximately will get ISO 17025 accreditation from CNAS in the second quarter of 2013, after getting approval, certificate of analysis of shanghai lab could be completely accepted by Brazil authority. Now our test result also could be a reference for clients to control quality of their products before exporting product." added Mr. Paulo M. Silva.

About BIOAGRI Laboratory Ltda

BIOAGRI Laboratory Ltda was set up since 1991 with over 1100 employees. BIOAGRI develops and conducts research studies for registration and quality control of technical and formulated agrochemical products. The main service includes analysis of physical chemistry, radiochemistry, mass spectrometry (5 batch), pesticide residues, toxicology, genotoxicity, ecotoxicology. BIOAGRI has already conducted more than 650 5-batch analysis for over 70 active ingredients of agrochemicals. BIOAGRI follows strict quality standard, based on OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) endorsed for compliance with the GLP monitoring authority of the Government of The Netherlands since 2002. Additionally, Brazil became in 2011 a full adherent to the OECD Council Acts related to the Mutual Acceptance of Data in the Assessment of Chemicals. Consequently, GLP preclinical safety test data on industrial chemicals, pesticides and biocides generated at BIOAGRI are accepted in OECD countries and adhering non-members.