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About DCE Chemistry

DCE Chemistry (Beijing Dependence Chemistry Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2009. DCE chemistry specialized is engaged in the new medicine, new energy resources, new material science research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises.



 We are committed to professional fields


In drug chemistry and the custom synthesis field, we focus on providing cutting-edge synthesis technology, the optimization process route and stable product yield, ensure the quality of the products out of the factory. Meanwhile, we will improve and maintain our industry in influence, and we share the resources advantage of counterparts, and seek for the common interests of the market maximization.


In the material chemistry and energy chemical field, we endeavor to be walking in the tip of the frontier science and technology enterprise, is especially important in the petroleum chemical industry, the new environmental protection material, efficient material. DCE chemical will continue the technology tips, steady production, quality assurance of faith.Become the leading enterprise energy chemical industry. 



We create value for customers


To be innovative, trustworthy, practical is our company's important business philosophy. At the same time, corporate culture system built up via the Internet environment will allow DCE Chemisty to grow the best companies in customer satisfaction. 



We attach importance to people


All values from the people. DCE Chemistry view people as the highest value and most important asset. DCE Chemisty create an unlimited creative environment and comfortable working conditions to each staff by our people-oriented business philosophy.